Mindless drivel: March 2006

Mindless drivel

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Didn't he see the 'no soliciting' sign?

Alligator Knocks on Florida Woman's Door

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. (March 23) - So now the alligators are going door to door. When Lori Pachelli heard someone knocking at the door of her home in a gated community in this southwest Florida community earlier this week, she looked out to see an unwelcome visitor on her front stoop: an 8-foot alligator. Read the full article HERE.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Donald Duck the Drunk

Now we know why he was always so angry at Mickey.
Click for the article HERE.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fun with FEMA money!

Your house is destroyed and everything you own is gone. What do you buy first with your federal aid? A tattoo of course!

Audit: Katrina, Rita victims used funds for erotica, guns, liquor

FEBRUARY 14--Some victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita used federal assistance money to pay for "adult erotica," a pistol, strip club fees, and at least one $450 tattoo, according to a new government audit. A Government Accountability Office review of weaknesses in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's distribution of aid describes some of the abuse connected with FEMA's dispensing of $2000 debit cards. While most of the February 13 GAO report addresses the use of multiple social security numbers to secure unwarranted handouts, auditors also examined where some of those funds were expended.
Check out excerpts of the audit HERE:

Friday, March 03, 2006

Another fine example of watchdog journalism

Tyra Banks goes 'undercover' as a stripper
By LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer

Tyra Banks really throws herself into her job as a talk-show host, often in ways only a recently retired supermodel can.
On Wednesday's show, for instance, Banks will be shown going "undercover" as a stripper at a topless club, although the former Victoria's Secret model stops short of complete disclosure. In the past, she's posed as a Las Vegas showgirl and used her face as canvas for makeup lessons.
The stripper segment, she said, was the result of hearing friends and viewers express frustration about the men in their lives spending time and money in strip clubs.
"When I found out the majority of business is from males from married homes, I wanted to go inside

the minds of the men who frequent these clubs. I wanted to see and hear why they went. And the only way to do that was to go undercover and see for myself," Banks said.
Read the entire article HERE

T-banks wants to "see and hear why" married men go to strip clubs. I think I can answer that for her without going through the trouble of posing as a dancer... they like to look at boobies.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another case for CSI: Cookie Scene Investigation!

Those terrorist bastards are at it again!! I wonder if there is a merit badge for fighting crime?

Thief takes Scouts' cookie money, runs
While busy selling the popular treats outside an Orlando Publix store, 2 girls watch as a man snatches their cash and flees

The Brownies of Troop 545 say the loiterer with a bandanna was a bad, bad man. After he puffed on a cigarette outside the Publix on South Semoran Boulevard near Pershing Avenue in Orlando where they sold Girl Scout cookies Saturday afternoon, he tossed the butt to the ground, then snatched their money box and ran.The $352 that Bryanna Sura, 9, and Kaitlin Renaud, 8, raised to help finance a pilgrimage to the home of the Girl Scouts' founder was gone."He could have bought our cookies," Bryanna said Monday after school. "But noooo. He had to steal money." Read the entire story HERE.