Mindless drivel: June 2006

Mindless drivel

Monday, June 12, 2006

who needs lawyers?

Judge resorts to child's play
Pedro Ruz Gutierrez | Sentinel Staff Writer

For weeks, attorneys David Pettinato and L. Craig Lee have been bickering about where to interview a witness in a civil lawsuit.

So an irked federal judge, all but accusing them of acting like children, has ordered the Tampa pair to settle their fight by playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

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Wierdness, but might be a good way to reform the legal system!

By the way, if anybody is reading this blog, I apologize for such a HUGE, HUGE gap between posts. I'm a baaaad blogger! I promise to post at least one item every other month! So check back again in late August and I might have something new!