Mindless drivel

Mindless drivel

Friday, July 28, 2006


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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Florida strip club story

'Habitual drunkard' sues strip club
NEW PORT RICHEY -- A lawsuit accuses a Gulf Coast strip club of serving drinks to a 50-year-old man they should have known was a "habitual drunkard."Attorney Sabato DeVito, who represents Spring Hill resident Johnny Eugene Smith, said the bar "continued to serve him alcohol even after they got him intoxicated and then helped him into his car."

Those damn strippers. Not only are they always "taking their clothes off" at the club but they are also FORCING "habitual drunkards" to swill booze.
Read the brief here..

Monday, June 12, 2006

who needs lawyers?

Judge resorts to child's play
Pedro Ruz Gutierrez | Sentinel Staff Writer

For weeks, attorneys David Pettinato and L. Craig Lee have been bickering about where to interview a witness in a civil lawsuit.

So an irked federal judge, all but accusing them of acting like children, has ordered the Tampa pair to settle their fight by playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

Read the entire article HERE.

Wierdness, but might be a good way to reform the legal system!

By the way, if anybody is reading this blog, I apologize for such a HUGE, HUGE gap between posts. I'm a baaaad blogger! I promise to post at least one item every other month! So check back again in late August and I might have something new!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Interesting occpuation

BSO: 76-year-old man went door-to-door giving fake breast exams

LAUDERDALE LAKES -- A 76-year-old man was arrested after going door-to-door and offering free breast exams, the Broward Sheriff's office said on Wednesday.
At least two women took him up on his proposal, said BSO spokesman Hugh Graf

Here's what Graf said happened around 9 a.m. on Wednesday:

An elderly drove to an apartment complex near the 3200 block of Northwest 40th Street. He was carrying a black doctor's style bag when he walked up to a building and spotted a 36-year-old woman.

He told the woman that he was in the neighborhood offering free breast exams. The woman let the man into her apartment and he began his exam. After touching the victim's breasts, the man moved his hand to her genitals and assaulted her. The woman quickly realized that the man not a real doctor and she called BSO.

Read the entire article HERE

A couple observations:
1. Boy, I would be fooled too if some dude came to my house with a black bag and told me he was a doctor and wanted to feel my bits and pieces. Well, of course you can! You are obviously a professional!
2. He may have worked for the Howard Stern show. Howard routinely gives breast exams FREE OF CHARGE!