Mindless drivel: Another case for CSI: Cookie Scene Investigation!

Mindless drivel

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another case for CSI: Cookie Scene Investigation!

Those terrorist bastards are at it again!! I wonder if there is a merit badge for fighting crime?

Thief takes Scouts' cookie money, runs
While busy selling the popular treats outside an Orlando Publix store, 2 girls watch as a man snatches their cash and flees

The Brownies of Troop 545 say the loiterer with a bandanna was a bad, bad man. After he puffed on a cigarette outside the Publix on South Semoran Boulevard near Pershing Avenue in Orlando where they sold Girl Scout cookies Saturday afternoon, he tossed the butt to the ground, then snatched their money box and ran.The $352 that Bryanna Sura, 9, and Kaitlin Renaud, 8, raised to help finance a pilgrimage to the home of the Girl Scouts' founder was gone."He could have bought our cookies," Bryanna said Monday after school. "But noooo. He had to steal money." Read the entire story HERE.


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