Mindless drivel: Fire in the hole!

Mindless drivel

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fire in the hole!

Man set on fire as Taser hits lighter
Erin Ailworth and Ken Ma Sentinel Staff Writers
DAYTONA BEACH -- Dennis Crouch had already slashed himself. And when he refused to drop his knife, Daytona Beach police Officer Betsy Cassidy decided she had no choice."Taser! Taser!" Cassidy shouted as she sent a two-pronged wire, packing 50,000 volts, at Crouch's chest. What happened next stunned everyone.A Taser probe pierced the pocket of his khaki shirt -- and ignited the butane lighter inside. Cassidy's pocket exploded in flames.
Read the entire article HERE.

This is the best quote from the police report: "The subject... immediately dropped the knife." Yeah, I think getting tased and catching fire would definitely cause anybody to drop anything he or she is holding!


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