Mindless drivel: Awesome stock tip!

Mindless drivel

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Awesome stock tip!

I got this spectacular stock tip from my buddy Daren Monroe. I never heard of DKDY before this 'special bulletin' popped up in my inbox. The company looks like a sure winner. They have several 'new releases' and are launching the 'April project' soon. Not a moment too soon! All I have to do is plunk down all the cash in my IRA and ride DKDY stock to sweet retirement bliss!
Day trading is so cool!

Buy low Sell high, its the name of the game....
Profiled: Dark Dynamite Inc.
S ect0r: Consumer Goods
Symbol : D K D Y
Recent High $2.35
C lose: $0.89
note: Hot Day Trade
This is a special bulletin. DKDY, which has been climbing steady for the last 6 weeks had a major drop in price on Friday at end of day.
Closing at $0.89 down from $1.29 gives those of us who have been watching them trade since December to make some fast cash in a great day trade.
DKDY has had several major new releases and the launch of the April projects are drawing ever closer, assuring even higher climbs than we have seen to date.
Don’t miss this chance on Monday morning, the open will be just above the Friday close but will climb fast. get you r bids in before the opening bell and take advantage of the jump back to the average trading price.
If you're not sure just check the stats over the last 6 weeks and see the steady climb they have been rolling.
Jump this stock first thing Monday and jump on the ride.
Have a great weekend and good trading this week.


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